Indian Street Food You Need To Try

September 12, 2018

You just can’t beat some delicious Indian food.

The smells of a chicken tikka masala. The textures of a creamy korma. The tastes of a spicy madras. All these things come together and form a palette bursting with flavour and colour- so it’s not hard to see why the nation has fallen completely in love with Indian food.
Many food-lovers believe that curry has actually become the national dish, and those same people would be willing to travel to the ends of the Earth to taste some signature Indian flavours.

Fortunately, such a commute isn’t really necessary, because you can try all kinds of delicious Indian street food right here in the UK; all of which provide authentic South Asian flavours.

Pani Puri

This has always been a popular street snack in India, and diners in the UK absolutely love it too.

Pani Puri is made from a hollowed-out bread, which is then deep fried and filled with chickpeas, onion, potato and flavoured water, while tamarind chutney is also frequently used. These are little bite-sized treats filled with Indian goodness, offering a delicious crispy coating and mouth-watering spices.


If you haven’t tried a samosa yet, then do you really even like Indian food?

These triangular treats are either deep fried or baked, with popular fillings including potatoes, onions and vegetables. Seriously, everyone needs to try some samosas and chutney at some point in their life, and Royal Nawaab have some of the best around.

Aloo Tikki

If you like potato pancakes, then you’re going to love aloo tikki.

These spiced potato fritters are incredibly popular as a street snack in North India and Pakistan, made through a delicious combination of potato, onions and peas. Served alongside yoghurt and tamarind chutney, these little croquettes offer truly authentic Indian flavours.

Kati Roll

Originating from Kolkata, this fantastic street dish is essentially a kebab wrapped inside a paratha flatbread. Typically fried with egg on one side, these doughy treats are then filled with marinated meats (such as beef or chicken), while paneer is also a very popular filling.

Perfect for eating on-the-go or sitting down for a meal, kati rolls are great no matter where you are.

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