The Most Popular Meat Dishes In Pakistan

February 21, 2019

Pakistan cuisine is as famed for its meat dishes as much as any other cuisine in the world. Beef, chicken and mutton are the most popular meats you will find across Pakistan with mutton being the most expensive and chicken being the most easily available and affordable.

As Pakistani and Indian cuisine has travelled around the world it has been adapted slightly to suit people’s tastes. Across the UK we see a lot of lamb dishes in place of mutton as mutton grew out of popularity in the UK a long time ago.

It is rare you will attend a meal at any home in Pakistan that doesn’t have some sort of keema (mined meat) preparation. Stewed meats such as Nihari are also a very popular option and curried dishes like Biryani can be made up of a mixture of meats. Nihari, the deep and delicious mutton stew, is actually typically served at breakfast time in Pakistan.

Although famed also for their extensive vegetarian dishes, many families across Pakistan love to add additional meats to their dals for added dimensions. You will also notice a lot of vegetables end up stuffed with some sort of cooked meat to help enhance the dish and bring extra flavour.

Some of the most popular meat Pakistani dishes you already know:

Chicken Tikka

Chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices before being cooked over charcoal is still to this day one of the most recognisable Pakistan dishes anywhere in the world. From the vibrant colours, intense flavours and unique cooking method; everything about this dish is typically Pakistani.

Seekh Kebab

Another meat cooked on skewers is the Seekh kebab, which can be made from chicken, lamb or beef. The meat is minced and then moulded along the skewers before being barbecued over an open fire. This meat is typically served with naan or rice, raita and a simple salad.

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