The Popularity of Buffet Restaurants

September 23, 2019

Here at Royal Nawaab, we are known for our buffet style dining experience which allows our customers to plate their own food and serve their own portions for a set fee. After all, it is the most cost-effective and mutually beneficial way to serve food to such a high standard, especially when an establishment receives hundreds of paying customers every evening. Despite rumours that buffet-style restaurants are going ‘out of style’, statistics suggest that they are more popular than ever! Read on as we go over a few reasons why dining at a buffet is a good idea…

Variety of Dishes

Eating at a buffet-style restaurant means that there will always be something on the menu to please every individual. In fact, many establishments also cater for food preferences, intolerances and allergies too! As a result, the versatile range of dishes means that a restaurant does not have to be banished from choice due to a lack of vegetarian or gluten-free options, which often leaves many members of a large dining party settling. In particular, buffets are popular with curry houses because customers can pile their plates high with a dish that meets their meat and heat preferences without taking a big risk on a set menu.

Value for Money

In most buffets, the diners are charged per head and seated at a table. Whilst this fee can differ from establishment to establishment and does not include drinks, it does offer incredible value for money. After all, the guests are not limited to the number of plates that they can fill and it can cost the same price for just one meal at a traditional dining restaurant. With this said, there is usually a big emphasis on food wastage which means that diners who do not finish their food may be spoken to privately by a member of staff.

Stress-Free Dining Experience

Eating at a traditional restaurant with waiters is often simple with a family or small group of friends but large parties can make the entire experience overwhelming for both the diners and waiting staff. After all, the length of time it can take customers to choose an order can cause the entire booking to over-run and there is also the issue of how the party will choose to pay. Luckily, a buffet offers a stress-free experience as the bill is paid before the diners are seated and the array of options means that there is less likely to be order related issues.

Although there are certain occasions that may call for a traditional sit-down meal, the popularity of buffet-style dining means that more people are choosing to opt for it during weddings, birthday parties and other celebratory events. After all, many of the guests that must be fed at these functions do not eat the food provided at a sit-down meal which can lead to a lot of wastage. To find out more information about the costs associated with our buffet, get in contact with the best halal restaurant Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Royal Nawaab team today!