The Benefits of Holding an Event at Royal Nawaab

January 31, 2020

As experts in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, the team here at Royal Nawaab understand that our guests are looking for an authentic experience. After all, there is nothing worse than an imitation of the real thing. In fact, our restaurant may be more popular than ever but it is our event catering service that stands out amongst the crowd. Read on as we go over three benefits of choosing the Royal Nawaab team to deliver a service like never before for your event…

What food does Royal Nawaab provide for events?

As part of our customer satisfaction guarantee, the staff here at Royal Nawaab aim to make an event as stress-free as possible. In fact, we provide full packages in order to cater to the preference of every guest accordingly and ensure that every person feels included. After all, our banquets are known for their diversity which is why our chefs work tirelessly crafting authentic Indian and Pakistani starters, mains and sweets with each event in mind.

Which events does Royal Nawaab cater for?

Our dishes are not the only diverse aspect of our catering service here at Royal Nawaab as our team are equipped to deal with a wide array of events from weddings to birthdays. In fact, we also provide the same level of high-quality service that we are proud to put our name to for corporate events like conferences and product launches too! After all, we believe that every event is better when there is an element of dining is involved.

How expensive is an event at Royal Nawaab?

One of the most integral features of our catering and events service is that our prices are not pre-set. After all, we want our clients to get the best value for money with the peace of mind that their event will run as smoothly as possible. As a result, our prices are formulated with the event in mind, the number of guests that will be attending and the type of dishes that will be provided. This allows us to cater for each event as specifically as possible and also take the clients budget into consideration.

Here at Royal Nawaab, we promise to deliver a culinary experience like never before from the minute your guests arrive for an event. After all, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are important occasions that deserve to be remembered for all the right reasons. To find out more information about our event and catering service, get in contact with the most authentic Indian and Pakistani restaurant around and ask a member of the Royal Nawaab team today!