3 Mouth-Watering Indian Soups

October 30, 2020

Indian cuisine is typically known for its versatile selection of mild, hot and overwhelmingly spicy curries. In fact, that is what the majority of western diners go to an Indian restaurant in search of. With this said, if you take a deeper look at the culture and history of the country’s food, there is a lot more to offer than curry. Here are 3 delicious Indian soups that are enjoyed in both the North and South of India…

Palak Shorba

As a Northern Indian delicacy, this soup is made from a hearty supply of spinach which gives it a character-defining green colour. In fact, the base is created using additional ingredients like onions and turnips as well as spices like cumin seeds, ginger, red chilli and turmeric before being blended into a puree for a smooth and satisfying consistency.

Tomato Saar

Hailing from Maharashtra, this vegetarian soup is a medical marvel as it is often eaten in India in order to clear a blocked nose or treat the common cold. Its tangy flavour is provided by the tamarind, cumin, mustard seeds, curry leaves and peppercorns that are added to the boiled tomatoes. Some variations will add coconut milk to thicken the texture, however most will blend it for a smooth consistency.


Moving all the way to the South of India, rasam is a soup made from lentils known as toor daam. In fact, there are a variety of different variations on offer which means that the flavour can differ considerably depending on the region it is cooked in. With this said, a traditional rasam has a thin consistency and a tangy flavour profile thanks to a lemon, tomato and tamarind base.

Although we are all guilty of choosing familiar favourites when dining out at a restaurant, it is important to try new things from time to time too. Indian soups are the perfect alternative to the onion bhaji as a starter and are light enough to be thoroughly enjoyed without spoiling your main meal. For all your Indian cuisine needs, get in contact with the best restaurant London has to offer and speak to a member of the Royal Nawaab team today!