3 Things You Never Knew About Curry Powder

August 22, 2018

Since you’ve taken an interest in our blog, the term “curry powder” is probably one you’re already familiar with.

For those that aren’t sure, however, curry powder is a blend of spices which lends Indian food its vibrant signature taste. In short, if you like a curry- whether it be a mild korma or a spicy madras- then it’s fair to say you also like curry powder.

But you probably already knew that. However, the vast majority of curry-lovers will continue to plate up their favourite dishes without really understanding what curry powder is. Despite decades as the nation’s favourite dish, curry’s most crucial ingredient has remained something of an enigma to many people.

There Is No Set Recipe

First of all, let’s get one thing straight- there is no set recipe to create great curry powder.

As we said earlier, curry powder is a blend of traditional Indian spices, but the use of these spices can differ between restaurants, takeaways and even different curries. However, most curry powders are consistent in containing a mixture of coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger and fenugreek- though many other spices can also be used.

Of course, these various spice blends will throw up shades of yellow, orange and red, with the colour usually signalling how spicy the powder is. Either way, the taste of curry powder is one of the biggest parts of Indian and Pakistani cooking.

It Was Invented By The British

Though it’s completely logical to assume curry powder was invented in South Asia, you’d actually be completely mistaken with this assumption.

Curry powder was created by the British, as they attempted to create a ready-made spice blend for curry-lovers to enjoy at home. This ultimately helped to create the famous curry taste we all know and love here in the UK; while, even then, the curry powder recipes varied in spice blends and colour.

This mixture was largely based on garam masala, which was popular in Northern India at the time, and actually led to us labelling certain Indian dishes as “curry”.

Curry Powder Is Good For Your Health

Finally, the health benefits of curry powder simply cannot be ignored.

Though you may find this hard to believe, research suggest that the spices used within the creation of curry powder can actually help deter all kinds of illnesses and ailments. For example, turmeric is said to help prevent Alzheimer’s, cancer and subdue chronic aches and pains.

If that wasn’t enough, curry powder is also said to decrease the chances of heart disease, help the immune system and reduce the risk of anti-bacterial infection. With all this in mind, you could probably argue that its delicious taste is simply a bonus!

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