5 Reasons We Love To Eat At Buffets?

March 1, 2019

Eating out is a treat that pretty much everyone loves to do. We don’t always want to spend every night slaving over the stove, cooking our own dinner, and don’t even get me started on those dishes afterwards.

Sometimes the best choice is to head to a restaurant and have great food made for you by a professional – and have someone there to clean up your mess afterwards: thank you pot washers, you really are appreciated!

One of the most unique dining experiences is the buffet. The American tradition has become popular all over the world, but why do we love eating at the buffet so much?

  1. Live Menu

Sometimes, deciding on an item off the menu can be tricky, especially if you’re hungry and struggling to focus. At the buffet you have the best live action menu any restaurant can offer. After all, all the food is laid out in front of you for you to look at and take in the smells and colours, you can even sample a few dishes before you decide to pile up your plate.

  1. Try New Dishes

It is common for people to order the same food every time they visit a restaurant because of the fear of ordering something they don’t like and feeling as though they have wasted their hard-earned money. At the buffet, however, this problem doesn’t happen. At the buffet you can take small samples of new dishes in order to try them out first. This makes the buffet a great way to try foods you probably wouldn’t try otherwise.

  1. Set Your Own Portion Sizes

Restaurants do well at setting portion sizes, but we all like to eat different amounts – some of us prefer smaller plates whilst some like to pile their plates high. At the buffet you can set your own portion sizes, so you leave feeling satisfied with the amount you’ve eaten, rather than leave still feeling hungry or feeling as though you’re about to burst.

  1. The Selection

Are you a picky eater? Maybe you just struggle to decide on one dish at a restaurant? The buffet provides the answer. Buffets have hundreds of different meal combinations to choose from so you don’t have to settle for just one dish. If you love to have a selection at your table, ordering numerous dishes can end up being a costly venture at any other restaurant. At the buffet, you need only pay your set amount before enjoying a huge selection of delicious cuisine.

  1. Goodbye Food Envy

You never need worry about food envy at the buffet. Like the look of what your friend is eating more than your own? At any other restaurant this is the time you will be greeted with the dreaded food envy, wishing longingly that you’d ordered better and not rushed into your decision. When you’re at the buffet, if you like the look of your companion’s choice you can simply head back up to the serving counter and grab yourself a plateful.

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