A Quick Guide To Non-Spicy Indian Food

August 9, 2018

Let’s face it- not everyone can handle the heat.

Indian cuisine is famous for its fragrant spices and tingling flavours, while we all know a good vindaloo can really make the eyes water. Curry is often the go-to food for people that love their spicy meals and, on occasion, diners that are feeling particularly brave or adventurous.

But Indian food isn’t just about spicy food. In fact, a lot of the most popular curry dishes offer much milder tastes; so, you certainly shouldn’t be put off trying Indian food if you don’t handle spice well. Of course, you can find a lot of these dishes at Royal Nawaab.


The most popular curry in the UK is one of the mildest. This creamy dish won’t ever knock your socks off or leave steam pouring out of your ears, but the blend of mild herbs and spices offers a unique, distinctive taste.

Spice-lovers might scoff at the idea of trying something as timid as a korma, but it’s obviously the most popular curry for a reason. This isn’t a bland, flavourless dish for those that aren’t keen on curry- far from it, actually. Korma offers signature Indian flavours without causing you to sweat, and is the perfect dish for people that don’t enjoy spicy food.

We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

Side Dishes

A common misconception with Indian food is that the majority of dishes are packed with spice. Diners worry that most of the menu will be too spicy for them, and they’ll be left with very little choice.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, since the most popular Indian side dishes aren’t spicy at all. Things like samosas, onion bhaji’s and naan bread have become a staple of Indian cuisine in the UK, while aloo gobi, pakora and chicken wings are the first things on many plates.

If you accidentally plate up something that’s a little too hot, then you can add a little mint raita or mango chutney to tone it down, while a cheeky little poppadum is always an essential. In fact, you’d probably struggle to find a side dish that was too hot for you.

Chicken Tikka Masala

You just can’t beat a good CTM. And, at Royal Nawaab, we’re fairly positive we’ve got the best in town.

Boasting a distinctive orange colour and delicious blend of Indian spices, the tikka masala is still a favourite for curry-lovers all over the UK- even if it recently lost its number one spot to the korma. But don’t let the fiery colour put you off, because a CTM has become a mild classic over the years.

Packed with Indian flavours and fragrant spices, a tikka masala should never be considered chili-hot. Instead, this popular dish lets you sample some signature Asian tastes without the risk of blowing your head off!

All of the dishes at our buffet contain a spice rating on the label, so you can always make sure you never choose anything that’s too spicy for you! Come to the best Indian restaurant Manchester has to offer and discover the tastiest curries in town. You can even eat as much as you like!