Beat The Autumn Cold With These Spicy Curries

September 26, 2018

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s getting a bit chilly outside.

The winds are colder and harsher; the skies are greyer and darker; the rains are icier and more frequent. Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom, since the arrival of colder weather means one very important thing: it’s now the best time of year for you to enjoy all your favourite curries!

In fact, some of the spicier curries can actually be used to combat the cold altogether. By eating something with a bit of a kick to it, you’ll be sat breaking into a sweat, rather than hunching over and rubbing your hands together for warmth. Even if you start feeling a little under the weather, curry is a great way of clearing your sinuses and fighting off the sniffles once and for all.

But what are the best spicy curries to help fight off the autumn cold?


If you don’t deal too well with incredibly hot spices, but want to try something with a bit of a twang, then we recommend slapping your lips around a good jalfrezi.

Typically cooked with either chicken or lamb, jalfrezi is a classic dish which has been a favourite of curry-lovers for decades. Fried in a thick sauce with green chillies, the majority of jalfrezi recipes will create a spicy curry that isn’t going to send steam pouring out of your ears. Delicious.

Heat Level: Medium


You only need to look at the colour of a typical madras to understand just how spicy it can be. While it’s not the spiciest thing on the menu, its deep red colour is a clear indication of its heat, which means it’s one of the best curries to have during colder weather.

Coming with a rich sauce and enough red chilli powder to make your eyes water, a good madras is always packed with flavour and vibrant spice blends. Perfect alongside a bit of mint raita and pilau rice, chicken madras is probably the most popular version of this dish in the UK.

Heat Level: Hot


It’s fair to say you don’t have to be an expert on Indian cuisine to know that vindaloo is always incredibly hot. In fact, in most places, this will be the hottest thing on the menu.

Originally a Portuguese dish and then gradually made hotter and hotter, you should only go for a vindaloo if you’re an avid lover of spicy food. Much like the madras in the way it tastes and looks, this curry involves greater volumes of chilli powder and, on occasion, much spicier peppers.

Regarded by many as the UK’s national dish, a great vindaloo is always tongue-searingly good.

Heat Level: Very Hot


For those of you that want to take things up a notch, allow us to introduce you to phaal curry. Far hotter than the vindaloo, this is undoubtedly the hottest curry that money can buy, with many recipes including face-melting ghost peppers or fiery scotch bonnets.

In a word: it’s hot. Very hot. In some places, it’s so hot you have to sign a disclaimer before putting it to your lips. A thick tomato-based curry that’s hot just to look at, there’s no doubt that phaal is a curry not for the faint-hearted.

Heat Level: It doesn’t get any hotter than this.

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