Fermentation In Food And Drink

January 25, 2019

Fermentation began as a way for people to preserve foods long before the invention of refrigeration. Fermentation – in a similar way to its namesake – has developed over time into a popular way of creating new and exciting flavours across a number of different foods across a wide selection of different cultures.

Most of our favourite foods of today involve fermentation. Whether it is from bread, chocolate, even yoghurt; fermentation allows us to create exciting new ingredients from natural ingredients.

Go anywhere in the world and you will find a new and unique style of fermented food. Travel to Korea and you can try Kimchee: a collection of salted and fermented vegetables; travel to Germany and taste the sauerkraut: thinly shredded cabbage fermented by lactic acid bacteria; or travel to Pakistan and experience Jalebi; a deep-fried dessert made from fermented wheat batter.

As well as being delicious, fermented foods also provide some unique health benefits.

Benefits Of Eating Fermented Foods

Fermentation occurs when a food or drink has been partially broken down by bacteria, enzymes or yeast. Fermented food contains a host of microorganisms, all of which can affect your body in different ways – you may see these organisms referred to as probiotics on some of your favourite products.

As the fermented food is already partially broken down through the process, they are thought to be easier for the body to digest and the fermentation process can also unlock some of the benefits locked away inside certain ingredients that the human body is unable to draw out naturally.

By delivering these living organisms directly to your gut you are making sure the population of gut-friendly bacteria is kept at a healthy percentage. When the good bacteria in your body outweighs the bad, you will start to receive a whole host of beneficial properties including a boost to your immune system, improved vitamin and mineral absorption and a general boost in digestion and metabolism.

Pakistan and Indian cuisine have always made use of some delicious fermented food and drink and we are proud to provide some of those dishes at our restaurant in London. So, come on down today and see what delicious dishes we have on the menu.