How to Convert to a Halal Diet

August 27, 2013

The Halal diet and lifestyle is not just a way of life or eating imposed by religion and faith. It also provides a number of other benefits that means it can be enjoyed by people from all over the world and of all faiths, races and creeds. The rules imposed upon those living the Halal diet may make it slightly difficult to source foodstuffs at times but can be incredibly rewarding. Here are a few tips for those who are thinking of switching to a Halal lifestyle.

The main difference will be how you source your food from now on. Most of the major supermarkets include a wide variety of Halal products for purchase and consumption. This makes it far easier and more convenient for people who abide by a Halal lifestyle. All products will clearly stipulate whether they adhere to the rules of Halal. Furthermore, specialist stores are becoming more and more commonplace. Shopping in predominantly Islamic communities will bring forth more Halal options.

It would be easier for somebody changing to a Halal lifestyle to do so when their close family or those they live with do. Try and convince family members to join in your Halal crusade. This will make the weekly shop far easier and will not make any products in the refrigerator or cupboards ‘off-limits’. All of your family’s favourite meals and dishes can be produced using Halal ingredients and components.

Restaurants that serve Halal meals will usually stipulate so. If there is no clear indication, a quick phone call will clear up any confusion. If enough time is given, most restaurants will be happy to prepare a Halal meal for you. Indian Restaurants quite often contain exclusively Halal Cuisine. The Halal lifestyle has long been a cornerstone of Indian Cuisine.

Inform all of your friends of your new lifestyle choice. This will help avoid any embarrassing and problematic mishaps, should they ever cook for you. Explain the benefits of going Halal when you make the change so they can prepare meals with you in mind. Purchasing Halal foodstuffs does not usually incur any additional costs. One thing that you will have to consider is the surprising foods that do not adhere to Halal. Products such as gelatine sweets may contain traces of products that have come from animals. These ingredients may not be Halal, it is always wise to check the product’s package or contact the producer.