How to Cut Calories with Indian Curry

July 24, 2015

After a month of fasting for Ramadan and then a great indulgence of foods and sweets during Eid, it always takes some time before you get back into your normal eating habits. However, after Eid, you may find you slowly start adding on the pounds as you adjust to normality.

Exercise can help you shed the pounds but the most beneficial way to lose weight and to keep the weight away is to watch your eating habits. Instead of using full fat creams, swap it for low fats and cut down on the salts.

Indian curry is not normally considered as a healthy option as it is usually filled with creams, heavy carbohydrates and as it’s so delicious you can’t simply have just one helping. There are some quick and easy ways you can cut down the calories in your Indian food so you can still enjoy it without adding to your hips.


Swap your meat for tofu. You might feel unsure about swapping tofu for meat as whenever people talk about tofu they rarely succeed in making it sound appetising but trust us, tofu is a saviour for diets. Also known as bean curd, tofu is made from coagulated soy milk and is a popular ingredient used in East and South Eastern cuisines. It has been used in soups, stir-fry, curries and you can even eat it raw in a salad.

Instead of meat, chop small cubes of tofu and add them to your meat. If they are added to a sauce you won’t be able to taste the difference, only the texture will be different.

Cut down on Carbs

Naturally you want to fill up your curry with vegetables and other ingredients so there is more to the meal. Stick to vegetables and stay away from potatoes and beans as they are full of calories and if you aren’t planning to do a run later, you’re just going to be full on unused calories.

Make sure to also cut down on your rice and naan bread as well because they are filled with heavy carbs. Smaller portions are the key to healthy eating.

Lower Creams

Masala and Pasanda dishes are filled with creams. This is where Indian food is most sneaky because most of the calories are in the sauces. To cut down the calories use less cream or eat curries which normally have less cream. Tandoori, Tikka or Bhuna usually have lower calorie content.

There is always a way to enjoy delicious Indian food without having to feel guilty.