How To Enjoy Indian Food On A Diet

August 17, 2018

There’s no doubt that dieting can be tough, especially when you feel as though you’re not allowed to eat any of your favourite foods.

Of course, this is what causes so many people to completely fall off the wagon. The very thought of going weeks without a tikka masala, bhuna or even an onion bhaji can prove a little too much to take, especially when all your friends and family are constantly heading to the Royal Nawaab buffet.

Fortunately, Indian food is one of the few cuisines that can actually be eaten as part of a balanced diet, so there’s absolutely no reason you can’t join your friends on their next trip to our buffet! However, you still need to be careful when filling your plate, because some of your old favourites might have to stay off the menu.

Starter: Go For Poppadoms and Tandoori Chicken

You might always start your meal by plating up on samosas, bhajis or even masala chips; however, these certainly aren’t the healthiest things on the menu. Instead, you should be opting for poppadoms or tandoori chicken.

Poppadoms, on average, contain around 65 calories, offering nowhere near the same levels of fat as some other Indian starters. These always go perfectly with a bit of mango chutney or raita, which are both absolutely fine if you’re on a diet.

As for tandoori chicken, this lean meat is traditionally grilled (not fried) and is marinated in yoghurt and a mouth-watering blend of spices. Both of these ingredients offer certain health benefits- such as the yoghurt providing healthy pro-biotics, and the spices helping to fight off colds.

Low in fat and absolutely delicious, tandoori chicken is a great healthy starter.

Main: Try A Vegetable Curry

In short, vegetable curries tend to have a lower calorie count than those containing meat, although chicken curries aren’t usually too bad, either.

Obviously, it all depends on how much oil and butter has been used throughout the cooking process, but a vegetable curry is always a safer option if you’re trying to lose a little weight. If you want to be extra careful, then you can always try spooning out a lot of the vegetables and eating only a small amount of the sauce- after all, don’t forget the sauce will contain calories too!

Side: Choose The Right Rice

A lot of people struggle to eat curry without rice, which is something we completely understand.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, we recommend going for plain boiled rice, since other options (such as pilau rice) will be cooked with more oils. As an even healthier option, you could skip rice altogether and opt for some chana masala. This chickpea-based side dish is full of protein and fibre, which is clearly going to have a positive impact on your body.

You can enjoy all of these healthy dishes at the best halal restaurant London has to offer. Visit Royal Nawaab today and enjoy your favourite food without ruining your diet!