How To Organise A Stress-Free Wedding

June 16, 2015

Organising a wedding can be stressful. Finding the best caterer, choosing your location, preparing your guest invitations – the list goes on. Your wedding day should be a special day for you to enjoy the attention but most brides and grooms worry about their guests and the event rather than actually enjoying their wedding.

Royal Nawaab London has enjoyed the opportunity of hosting many weddings over the years. We take pride that we have been asked to organise and share a special day with a happy couple and their loved ones.

We understand organising a wedding can be very stressful but with our years of experience we know how you can effectively organise your day so you can enjoy it without having to worry.

Hire A Trusted Caterer

Spend time to do your research and find a caterer that suits your needs. It’s important to find out what experience they have and if they will be able to work to your specifications. Read reviews so you can know more about them.

At Royal Nawaab London we are used to having many enquires about our wedding services. Questions are asked about our wedding halls, entertainment and what foods we can provide. These are questions we look forward to answering because we have catered for so many weddings.

Hiring the right caterer for you is crucial when organising your wedding as you need to be able to trust them to do their job whilst you relax and enjoy your day.


It can be difficult to entertain all your guests as you will probably have a range of ages at your wedding. It’s important to find a mixture of entertainment that will suit everybody.

Find the balance between elegance and celebration. You can hire a band or a DJ or perhaps both so you can have a selection of different music.

Involve Everyone

When you are organising your wedding make a list of everyone you are going to invite. Then check it twice to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone.

We love our family and friends but they are usually the source of most stress at a wedding. The pressures to keep them involved and entertained shouldn’t be a stress during your special day. Take time to plan where your loved ones are going to sit and create activities that will get everyone involved like group dances or games.

Enjoy Your Day

This is such an important point as you have spent money to create a beautiful and special day with your new partner.

Hiring extra help can ease the stress off your work load so all you have to worry about is getting to the wedding venue on time.

Royal Nawaab London has wedding venues and catering services available. Have a look at the wedding services we provide.