Indian and Pakistani Mela Festival in Manchester

May 4, 2015

The Vaishakhi Mela festival will be hosted at Stretford Mall in Manchester and will present traditional Indian and Pakistani performances. This is the Mela Festival’s first indoor debut and will be held over the weekend of 29 May – 30 May.

Subash Singh Pall is the organiser behind the event. Pall is a Glasgow-born actor, he has worked beside celebrities like Robert Carlyle and Liam Neeson and now he is organising a festival that celebrates Asian music and dance.

Pall has said, “It’s been my dream to do this… And now, thanks to the management team at Stretford Mall, it’s actually going to happen. We’re working hard to make this a success, we’re so excited and we hope people will come and just have a great time.”

In 1990 Pall was involved in organising a Mela festival in Glasgow and this was the biggest event outside India.

Now Pall is hoping to create an exciting event in Manchester Stretford Mall.

In the past Manchester’s Mela Festival has been held outside but to avoid the rain, Pall wanted to bring the event indoors.

The Duty Manager of Stretford Mall, Craig Topping has shared his excitement of the new project, he said, “We are thrilled to be working with Subash to bring the first ever indoor Manchester Mela festival to Stretford Mall. It’s a great honour.

“It is set to be a fantastic and colourful cultural celebration which families from all different backgrounds will be able to enjoy.”

At the festival there will be Pakistani and Indian dance acts as well as other Asian themed performances.

Rajeev Gupta, the Banghra dancer who assisted Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon will also be present at the event.

Gupta is bringing a troop of Banghracise dancers along with him and they will be showing their moves at the Vaishaki Mela Festival.

In Punjabi, Vaishakhi means harvest and this festival is usually celebrated by the Sikh community but it is an event that is joined by many Asian communities.

Keep the last weekend of May free and visit Manchester’s Vaishakhi Mela festival.

After a fantastic day enjoying Asian infused entertainments, you will surely be craving some delicious Asian curries.

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