Indian Food vs. Mexican Food

June 8, 2015

Apparently it’s now all about Mexican food but Royal Nawaab will prove Indian food is the champion.

In recent years the number of Mexican restaurants in the UK has increased dramatically by 71%. Mexican fast food chains Barburrito and Wahaca are paving the way for popular Mexican food brands. Tacos, burritos and nachos are supposedly capturing people’s taste buds throughout the UK.

The Mexican food love affair is even challenging the burger giants McDonalds and Burger King.

So Royal Nawaab London is proving Indian restaurants are so popular they are here to stay and will only continue their growth in numbers. The UK loves a good Indian meal; there is no denying a traditional curry.

Indian Food Owns the UK Food Industry

Over the past five years over 50% more burrito outlets have been opened and from this increase there are speculations Mexican food is the next ‘big thing’ but this trend is just temporary.

Indian recipes were introduced to British palates when the first Indian restaurants opened in the UK over two centuries ago. The Indian food trend has been going for two long centuries.

Ghost Chilli Pepper vs. Jalapeno Pepper

The Bhut jolokia or the most commonly known Ghost Chilli Pepper is considered one of the spiciest chillies in the world. It’s currently a popular trend for people to try the Ghost Pepper to see if they are able to manage the hotness. The Ghost chilli is cultivated in Bangladesh and other Indian states, making it an Indian spice.

The common Jalapeno, admittedly it’s tasty, but it does not have the burning bite of the Ghost spice. If they were put head-to-head in a match the Ghost would sweat the Jalapeno till it looked like a wrinkly raisin.

Spicy Indian Food Helps To Lose Weight

Indian curries have been said to be full of calories. That is true in some cases. Kormas, Masalas and Pasandras are the guilty pleasures of Indian food as they are full of cream. The average masala dish can have approximately 1,500 calories. For those reasons you may be swayed toward a Mexican burrito but wait!

All foods should be eaten in moderation. Daily masala dishes won’t treat your waistline very well but if you choose healthier dishes like Rogan Josh and Madras – they are better options. Also if you choose spicier dishes, spicy food is known for helping to lose weight.

Curries Are Good For You

Filled with spicy peppers, hot curries are beneficial if you want to lose weight as long as you don’t eat too much. Curries are also filled with many other spices that are scientifically known to be good for you.

Ginger is effective for pain relief and is known for having remedial effects for colds and other illnesses. Curcumin, a compound in turmeric which is found in curry powders, has been known to slow the build-up of plaque on the brain which is the main cause of Alzheimer’s. Other spices in curries such as allspice, capsicum, cumin and cardamon also have beneficial properties.

Scientifically proven that Indian Food is Delicious

Now this is where Indian food proves it is the mightier dish compared to Mexican. Scientists have discovered why Indian food is so delicious. Scientists explain it is because of the overlapping flavours in the many spices used in each dish.

Indian food has entwined its spices into the lives of too many people to be simply pushed aside by Mexican food.

Nobody can resist a traditional Chicken Tikka Masala, with a side of Pilau rice and a fresh piece of Naan bread. Nawaab London is the best Indian restaurant in London and has a team of experienced chefs who create authentic Indian dishes. Come to London and enjoy delicious Indian food.