Nawaab Manchester throughout the City

October 8, 2013

Manchester is a city that does not hide its adoration for authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine – there isn’t many other cities in the World that can boast a road affectionately nicknamed Curry Mile. Whenever Manchester holds one of its famous outdoor food festivals, Indian cuisine is always central to the planning and the outlets are always amongst the most popular.

And one of the main perpetrators of the city’s love for Indian cuisine is of course Nawaab. Whilst our restaurant and banqueting suites may be on the outskirts of the city, our influence is felt throughout the centre and into the four corners.

Whilst we take great pride in the food that we prepare and serve on our premises, we are also incredibly proud of the work that carry out as external caterers in some of Manchester’s largest establishments, institutions and hotels and even into Cheshire.

The Hilton, The Midland and Marriott hotels in Manchester have all enjoyed partnerships with Nawaab Manchester and have benefitting from serving our authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine to their guests. This marks an acceptance that whilst these hotels may have fantastic chefs and kitchen teams, nothing can match the abilities of true professionals with decades of experience in creating delicious Indian dishes.

Furthermore, institutions in the city such as Manchester United use the catering nous of Nawaab to serve beautiful Indian food to their guests and fans. As one of the World’s most famous sports teams, the pressure is always on Manchester United to provide the pinnacle. They may not be delivering on the pitch this season, but they are certainly delivering on the plate.

This is all a part of Nawaab Manchester’s passion to be more than a restaurant and events hall. Managed and staffed by people who have a deep-rooted love of food, there is a real desire to remain central to the food industry within the city. Not only by serving our happy customers, but by also introducing Indian and Pakistani cuisine to more and more people and by educating our fans in the art of Indian cooking.

This mantra will continue as we spread our wings and open Nawaab London early next year. It will be an exciting year in which Nawaab will hope to really get involved in the London food scene and spread the message about the importance of high quality food.