North vs South Indian Food

September 12, 2017

Within each type of cuisine you are bound to find some kind of variation. After all, the industry is just too broad for one type of a particular dish to exist. Within Indian Cuisine, the way that a particular meal tastes depends on a range of different factors. From the way that it is cooked to the spices that are used or the traditions that have been passed down through generations, it is possible to form a whole new meal! In fact, it is no wonder that the cuisine is filled with a wide range of variety and flavours.

Here at Royal Nawaab we serve 5 star Indian dishes that are sure to excite your taste buds and in this blog we’ve decided to define the difference between the north and south dishes within the cuisine…


The north of India is filled with dishes that revolve around bread and curry such as naan, samosas and aloo ghobi curries. Within these curry dishes, the most commonly used spice is garam masala where as Amchoor, or dried mango powder is the preferred sour flavour to implement.


On the other hand, the south of Indian prefers to base their dishes on rice and stews; forming dishes like dosa and idli. In place of masala, the spice known as huli pudi is used and tamarind is a frequently used sour ingredient. In addition to this, curry leaves are often used as a dried herb as they help to flavour soups.

Whilst these few facts regarding the ingredients that are implemented within the cuisine are significant, they do not scratch the surface in terms of the diversity of India’s cuisine. After all, there is also the west and the east which both have their own distinct differences! Whether you prefer to indulge in the northern or southern dishes, book a table at Royal Nawaab today in order to experience our high quality service for yourself! As the best halal restaurant in London, there’s no better place to visit for authentic Indian cuisine!