Reasons to Eat Indian Food

February 21, 2017

It is very easy to tell how special Indian cuisine is once you have had the opportunity of indulging in a traditional and authentic meal. Here at Nawaab, our dishes are just that. The flavours and textures found in Indian food do more than just offer a pleasant meal time experience. In fact, they hold many secrets. Here are our top reasons why you should eat more Indian food…

  • According to research conducted by experts at the Indian Institute of Technology, the ingredients added to many of the traditional Indian dishes we know of today may have been combined for medical purposes. The study analysed over 2,500 dishes and concluded that the evolution of Indian cooking that was driven by medicine in the past has still regained its signature today.
  • Spice plays a key part within Indian Cuisine. In fact, some may say that it goes as far as to define the characteristics of what Indian food is. Thankfully, the majority of the spices used within Indian cooking are known as superfoods, including turmeric, cumin and hot peppers, which means they are good for your health.
  • When the endorphins are boosted, it means our mood is higher, we have more energy and we feel amazing. It has been discovered that the chilli peppers, and other spices used in Indian cooking, are linked to boosting endorphins, which means the more Indian food we eat, the better we should feel, according to science.

At Nawaab, we strive to ensure that the cuisine we provide is nothing short of the flavour, texture and aroma you’d expect from authentic Indian food. That’s why we are the best Indian Restaurant London has to offer. Get in contact today to find out more information!