Royal Nawaab Plays Host To Bollywood Makeup Masterclass!

November 23, 2016

Aside from our delicious Indian buffet and excellent customer service, here at Royal Nawaab we are best known for putting on a good show in our hall. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, our staff are always on hand to cater to the needs of the customer, and we are able to provide a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Well, in case you missed it, we’ve just played host to the UK’s first ever Bollywood Makeup Masterclass in our very own Manchester restaurant! It was a tremendous event put on by the guys over at BeGlam- which is a fantastic makeup app, by the way- in which guests were able to learn the tricks of the Bollywood makeup trade.

The event was kicked off in style by Zukreat, where she demonstrated various makeup techniques for the captivated audience to note down. She was then followed by the iconic Shaan Mu, who demonstrated various makeup techniques on the one and only Jacqueline Fernandez. The entrance of the Bollywood A-lister caused the place to erupt, and the audience were clearly delighted as she guided them through her hints and tips.

Our entire restaurant was filled with famous Instagram personalities, bloggers, vloggers and wannabe makeup artists, as the entire audience learnt all about contouring, shading and even how to do different hairstyles. As the show went on, the hall was alive with the sounds of famous makeup artists and industry personalities being interviewed by the press, while some guests became quite emotional when coming face to face with their idols.

Of course, no event at Nawaab is complete without at least a sample of our delicious food, and we happily provided a free dish for all guests to enjoy throughout the event. With such an effective combination of delicious food and industry-standard makeup tips, what more could you possibly want?

It was absolutely fantastic to be given the opportunity to host such a special event, and this really is testimony to the fact that we are the best Indian restaurant Manchester has to offer!