The Saviour Of Selection: The Curry Explorer

October 18, 2017

The UK is in desperate need of help. Famous the world over for our bad taste in food, it seems things have gotten worse.

A recent survey putting korma at the top of the list of the UK’s favourite curries has gotten everybody talking. How could this have happened? A country, so proud of the Indian and Pakistani cuisine that we have integrated it into our weekly meal plans, and travel to our local curry houses in droves to consume our favourite curries.

So where did it all go wrong? With worrying statistics about the amount of curries people have been daring enough to try, we need a saviour: and it seems we may finally have one.

It’s embarrassing, but it happens to the best of us. You peruse the takeaway menu, passing your eyes over the many curries on offer, not really sure what they are or what they contain. Then, when it comes to ordering, you panic.

Faced with too much choice you resort to the one curry you can rely on – old faithful – the korma. When it arrives, you enjoy the sweet creamy taste, but are always racked by pangs of guilt that you still haven’t tried anything else on the menu yet and you’ve been eating here every week for three years.

It seems now a saviour has arrived to lift us up out of mediocrity and into a world full of different spices, and flavours, and sauciness. Its name – ‘The Curry Explorer’.

Developed by the takeaway ordering service ‘Just Eat’ to help people better understand the choices that are out here, the Curry Explorer helps you decide on a new curry to try by following links such as ‘less sweet’, ‘thicker’ and ‘more sauce’. This way you can adapt your choice to a new curry that will suit your taste, rather than taking a Russian roulette approach, and ending up running for the nearest glass of lassi to douse the fire currently raging on your tongue.

So next time you’re at your favourite Curry Restaurant in Manchester, you no longer have to fear the menu. Try the new Curry Explorer and discover the great selection of curries on offer.