How spicy food is beneficial to your health

August 23, 2017

Throughout Asian culture there is lot of food that contains hot spices- and some people love hotter food while there are others that can’t handle the heat. However, there are many health benefits when putting yourself to the test and eating spicy food. Due to having certain health benefits, our bodies crave the vitamins contained within these spices, and we also like the excitement of eating such harsh spicy flavoured foods.

One of the main benefits of eating spicy food is weight loss. Adding spicy food to your boring diet makes it more palatable and therefore more likely to stick to your strict dietary regime. Also with spicy food it can kick your metabolism into gear, and burn calories up to twenty minutes after eating the meal.

It is also shown that cultures who eat more spicy food are known of having less heart attacks and stroke, as the chilli peppers can reduce the amount of cholesterol built up in your arteries and fight the inflammation, therefore ensuring the blood is easily travelling around your body and reducing risk of a heart attack.

Prevents low blood pressure, in a chilli pepper it contains vitamin A and C and the heat from the chilli increases the blood flow around your body, therefore benefiting your cardiovascular system, making you feel healthier and you will be able to feel the health benefits.

There has been speculation that eating chilli’s regularly is a cancer prevention, there is a compound included in chilli’s that is able to fight cancerous and leukemic cells and giving you a lower chance of getting an illness. Also, the spice turmeric is beneficial for slowing down the spread of cancer, and growth of tumours with the same effect of certain cancer drugs do, according to a study in America.

There are many benefits of eating spicier foods, therefore maybe consider having a spicier curry when you visit Royal Nawaab. We have many different dishes available at our Indian/Pakistani Restaurant, and after many years of experience we have perfected our authentic curries. So, get down today and see what all the hype is about!