Talented Pakistani chefs you need to know about

August 22, 2019

Pakistani food is hugely popular around in the world and is a special favourite for many right here in the UK but we rarely see many Pakistani chefs making their way onto our televisions. This is a real shame. Not only are some Pakistani chefs making names for themselves on TV in India and Pakistan, they are producing some truly great food that would go down really well in UK homes.

Here are a few of our favourite Pakistani chefs:

  1. Mehboob Khan

There is still societal pressure in Pakistan that makes men less likely to want to be involved in culinary arts, so it is great to see more and more men taking the risk and getting involved in the food scene. One of those leading the way in the culinary scene is Mehboob Khan. Chef Mehboob commonly tops many lists of Pakistani chefs, all thanks to his healthy food and cookbooks, various cooking shows and his spot on the panel of judges for MasterChef Pakistan.

  1. Rahat Ali

One thing that usually makes for a great celebrity chef is an eccentric personality, and Chef Rahat definitely has that in spades. Throw in exceptional cooking skills and a warm and welcoming demeanour she has become one of the most beloved chefs on TV in Pakistan and abroad. Her tips and tricks are accessible for cooks of all levels and has helped beginner cooks create 5-star cuisine at home.

  1. Naheed Ansari

Chef Ansari began her career in food management and has over 35-years’ experience under her apron strings and has appeared on most cooking shows in Pakistan where she shares everything she knows. As well as her TV appearances she also runs a finishing school for girls and women where they learn food preparation, preservation, presentation, serving, etiquette and management skills.

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