The Different Types of Indian Bread

April 1, 2020

As one of the most versatile cuisines in the world, India has over three dozen different types of bread that can be paired alongside a wide range of different dishes. After all, bread can be baked, fried and even steamed in order to create new and exciting flavours that will complement even the most recognisable dishes. Read on as the team here at Royal Nawaab go over the top three most popular types of Indian bread…


Originating from the word ‘chapat’, which means ‘slap’ in Hindi, a chapati is an Indian flatbread that is made by slapping and stretching a dough repeatedly between the palms of one’s hands. In fact, the recipe for fresh chapati’s is incredibly easy, however it can take many years of practice in order to perfect the technique. As one of the most recognisable breads in Indian cuisine, the chapati is often seen as an ‘everyday’ staple.


There is nothing more satisfying than freshly baked naan bread. After all, it is true that this famous Indian bread may be purchased ready-made at any high-street supermarket, but the implementation of authentic flavours provides diners with an appetite for more than is difficult to satisfy. In fact, it should be brushed with ghee or butter before being cooked in the oven and is typically paired with tandoori chicken or kebab meat.


Often confused with paratha bread due to their similar texture, it is important to note that parotta comes from the Indian state of Kerala and the neighbouring country of Sri Lanka. This bread is made from Maida flour, which has a high gluten percentage, and this creates a very silky and doughy flatbread. Interestingly, parotta is commonly eaten at breakfast or lunch with a dal like lentil curry.

Here at Royal Nawaab, we believe that the sides eaten alongside a dish are just as important as the main event itself. After all, naan bread is one of the most recognisable Indian breads and is the perfect way to clean a plate of sauce after a spicy curry. To find out more information about bread in Indian cuisine, get in contact with a member of the Royal Nawaab team or book a table at our Manchester restaurant today!