Why Eating at a Restaurant Is The New ‘Eating In’

November 15, 2018

For many of us, the temptation of delivering takeaway food and eating in is so irresistible.

Not only do you not have to get ready but you can also order exactly what you want and have it delivered right to your door.

Indian takeaways in Manchester are some of the most favoured in the city, and actually, Indian food makes up for 24% of the nations favourite fast food.

Here at The Royal Nawaab Manchester, we dedicate our time to ensuring the most high-quality, freshest ingredients go into our food and we ensure that as soon as you step foot through our door, we’re on-hand to make sure you have the best possible experience at our restaurants.

However, is eating in really better than eating out?

Eating at a Restaurant is a Change of Scenery

We’re hugely proud of our marvellous building and we’ve taken great time and care in ensuring it’s just as awe-inspiring to our guests.

From our beautiful and sophisticated banqueting suites, perfect for hosting your Asian wedding, to our grand, elegant and modern seating areas where we’re pleased to be able to provide some of the tastiest Indian and Pakistani food in Manchester.

So, if you’re thinking of ordering food to eat in the comfort of your own home, why not put your glad rags on, pop down to Royal Nawaab Manchester and let us take care of you?

Plus, we’ll help you save on the washing up, too. Is there really any more reason to visit?!

Eating Out is a Great Way to Catch up with Friends

Whether you tend to get the family round the dinner table or enjoy a more informal set up in the form of TV dinners, there’s no question that eating at a restaurant is a great way to catch up with friends or family.

Similarly, it’s a fabulous way of getting business associates or co-workers out of the traditional office setting away from any workplace distractions and enjoy some delicious food; all whilst being able to have a chat, a catch up, or simply get together to spend more, quality time with one another.

Eating at a Restaurant Can Introduce you to Different Foods

How many times have you seen something on a restaurant menu that you’ve never seen before?

Whether you’re new to Indian or Pakistani cuisine, or simply want to discover exciting new dishes, flavours and cultures, there’s something about being in a restaurant setting that may inspire you to take the plunge and try delicious new foods that you may otherwise never have thought to try yourself, or even cook yourself.

Sometimes, these dishes can be challenging to make at home, or perhaps the ingredients are just not that readily available. Whatever the reason, being in a hospitality setting may encourage people to be that little more adventuresome and taste a whole range of dishes they’ve never had or would never usually eat.

Plus, it may even push you to try and cook it yourself at home!

Here at The Royal Nawaab Manchester, we love meeting and taking care of each and every person who steps foot through our doors. We ensure you have the most attentive, exhilarating experience and leave not just as a customer, but as a friend.

We also know that sometimes it’s not as simple to just get your glad rags on and pop by… which is why we’re delighted to now offer our food through Deliveroo. Simply visit our Deliveroo link and we’ll ensure you get all of our favourite in-house meals direct to your door, in no time at all!