3 Curries for Those Who Love Spicy Food

April 16, 2021

There is no question that Indian food can be quite spicy when you start ordering dishes that are cooked using spices like bhut jolokia, more commonly known as the ghost chilli. Here at Royal Nawaab, we work hard in order to ensure that our menu provides a versatile array of curries that will appeal to every diner. Read on as we go over three hot and spicy dishes that may prove to be a favourite of those with a strong spice tolerance…


Typically known to be a curry with medium spice, a madras is still a dish for the experienced as it is made using red chilli and hot chilli powder in order to pack in a lot of heat. These ingredients manage to give it a deep red hue that only reinforces the spices within. Sometimes the chef may use yogurt in order to provide a cooling effect, however madras is known to be spicy which is why it should be avoided by those who don’t cope particularly well with heat.


If you’re looking for a no-nonsense curry with enough heat to induce sweating, a jalfrezi may be the hot ticket to add to your list of all-time favourites. It is made from a hearty supply of green chillies which are often added whole. This means that it is safe to say that diners who aren’t used to eating spicy food may want to stay clear of the heat packed into a tiny portion of jalfrezi – for their own safety!


Good luck trying to convince us that you want to keep your taste buds if you’re a lover of vindaloo! This curry is the devil disguised in a thick red sauce which has been influenced heavily by Goan cooking over the years. Although the flavours are said to be aromatic, the heat of a vindaloo is not for the faint hearted as this hot-hot-hot curry often uses ghost peppers – a chilli with a Scoville Rating of over 1 million SHU!

As the best family restaurant around, the team here at Royal Nawaab understand the importance of flavour. We ensure that all of our flavours are as balanced as possible, particularly when it comes to those that pack in a lot of heat, as there is nothing worse than spice that is so concentrated that it takes away all of the flavour. To find out more information about our mild, medium and hot curries, get in contact with the Royal Nawaab team today!