4 Different Types of Naan Bread

September 3, 2020

As one of the most popular side dishes in Northern India, Naan is a leavened flatbread that has a rich and interesting history. In fact, there are a variety of different ways to improve the flavour of the humble Naan bread through the use of seasonings and spices like turmeric, chilli powder, and even mint. Read on as we cover four different types of Naan bread that can be found in Indian cuisine…

Garlic Naan

There is nothing more satisfying than butter and garlic which is why garlic naan bread is such a popular side dish, especially with Western diners. Due to its simplicity, it can be eaten with almost any and every Indian dish without spoiling the intended flavour and aroma, however many people prefer to dip the bread into a thick and creamy curry.

Kulcha Naan

Made with a refined white flour like Maida rather than wheat flour, kulcha naan bread is not as fluffy or as soft as traditional Indian naan bread and is known for its flaky texture instead. With this said, it is a popular side dish in Indian cuisine that isn’t seen too often in the Western world. Due to its rigidity, kulcha naan can actually be opened and stuffed with fillings like potatoes or daal in order to make a variety of savoury dishes.

Peshwari Naan

Unlike other types of naan bread, Peshwari naan is traditionally eaten at breakfast time. In fact, it originates from the city of Peshawar in Pakistan which can be confusing since it is typically eaten as a part of Indian cuisine. This variety of naan is filled with nuts, raisins, and coconut shavings, and tends to have a much fluffier texture than the traditional bread we know and love.

Keema Naan

Putting an innovative twist on regular naan bread, keema naan has a filling of spiced lamb or goat meat and is coated in a generous amount of butter. This gives the bread a lot of flavour that allows it to work as a snack completely on its own without the need for traditional accompaniments like chutney. In Indian culture, keema naan is a popular way to avoid wasting excess meat.

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