Easy Pakistani Recipes To Cook At Home

July 16, 2018

It seems that Pakistan has been known as the ‘land of spices’ even longer than it has been known as Pakistan. Native Pakistani dishes can now be found all over the world, leaving an indelible mark on all those who eat it. If you are yet to try some of Pakistan’s delicacies, or are a lover of the cuisine and want to try eating more of it at home, here are some of the easiest to make Pakistan dishes for any budding chef to try at home:


Pakistanis absolutely love Biryani, but people shy away from trying to make it at home as they think it is time consuming and complicated.  In reality, biryani is not only easy to make, when it is prepared right it can also be served in a short amount of time. It all comes down to practice and technique. Served up with some raita and a chilled soft drink, it’s a perfect after work dinner.


Chicken korma is the perfect dish to prepare for guests as, let’s face it, everyone likes Korma. The Korma is actually a variant of the traditional chicken gravy, and is the perfect dish eaten alongside naans, raita and salad.

Alu Ke Paratha

Alu wale parathas are an absolute treasure to be found in any kitchen. Served hot from the pan, it is not unusual for Pakistanis to dig into them too early and burn their fingers. Alu parathas are extremely easy to make; the chef’s secret is to make the mashed potato mixture as silky and spicy as possible before you put it inside the dough. Eat them alongside raita and you have an irresistible treat in no time at all.


Everyone’s guilty pleasure, and for good reason. Pakoras are basically dumplings made from gram-flour, but there are so many ways to make them it all falls down to personal preference. Potato pakoras and mixed vegetable pakoras are the most well-loved, but you can put anything inside them. They tend to be the perfect rainy day treat across Pakistan.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like cooking, you can always come down to Royal Nawaab’s halal restaurant in London for great Pakistani cuisine.