Healthy Indian Starters

July 24, 2015

If you’re hosting a family get-together or a party you need to offer a plentiful selection of snacks. Choosing the best snacks can be a chore but you can’t go wrong with healthy Indian starters.

Especially in the hot weather it’s important you have lighter snacks so you don’t feel too stuffed before your main course. With many Indian snacks, the actual calorie content will make you scream like watching a horror film. But don’t panic, there are many ways you can cut the calories and still create delicious tasting Indian starters.

For your next event here is a selection of healthy Indian snacks you can serve as part of a buffet platter or as a starter.

Baked Samosas

Deep fried samosas are one of the best Indian snacks available because the pastry of a fried samosa is crumbly and crisp. Samosas are quite heavy with calories when you start eating a few and eating deep fried foods is not considered a very healthy option. Bake your samosas instead, they will still taste the same but the pastry and the contents will not be filled with frying oil.

Tikka Salmon and Veg Kebabs

Small kebab sticks with tikka salmon pieces packed with pieces of cooked vegetables are a delicious starter. Don’t serve with any naan or chapatti because remember this is a starter and you want to remove the hunger pangs not fill them up before the main course.

Sweet Potato Cakes

Sweet potato mixed with chickpeas and Indian spices (garam masala and coriander – add some mango chutney too) creates delicious potato cakes. Filled with healthy goodness they are good for your body and your soul but make sure to make your cakes into appetizer size. You can have a potato cake as part of a main course if you wanted because they are so full of energy. As you are creating your cakes as a starter, make them bite size so people will only pick up a couple.

Create delicious and healthy Indian starters for your guests that will work in a buffet or as part of a full course meal.