How to plan a wedding buffet

July 15, 2019

The bigger the wedding, the more difficult it is to plan a sit-down meal served at table. If you are planning a huge do involving hundreds of members of family and friends, it can be a nightmare to serve a multiple course meal to them all in good time and no one wants to receive cold food and slow service at a grand event like a wedding.

Wedding buffets and banquet style settings are therefore the perfect option to both serve everyone a great meal and encourage interaction between all of your guests. Here at Royal Nawaab we work closely with wedding organisers and the lucky couple to ensure that their wedding event goes ahead smoothly, and they receive a banquet that guests will talk about for years to come.

Here we share the things that need to be taken into account when preparing and executing a buffet for a wedding party:

  1. Fresh Service

You should always ensure your catering team has the right number of caterers and cooks as well as the correct equipment to keep food fresh and hot, especially as a wedding buffet line can move slowly as guests make their way through the dishes. You don’t want popular dishes to run out before the majority of people can try them, nor do you want food to go cold before people can reach it.

  1. Assigned team members

Having strategically placed staff members along your buffet line will help improve the speed of service and be able to ask any questions that guests may have. They can also help monitor food levels, distribute appropriate quantities of certain dishes to prevent them from running low or have a trained server where required, such as at omelette and carving stations.

  1. Controlled buffet traffic

The line at the buffet can quickly become backed up, especially at weddings where hundreds of guests will descend on the buffet table at a similar time. With large weddings, it is essential that guests visiting the buffet are staggered to help control the rush of people and having multiple entry points also helps ease the busy lines. Your assigned caterers will also help avoid a jam of people by explaining where plates and cutlery can be found, where exactly their desired choices can be found and answering any dietary requirements.

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