The Differences Between Indian and Pakistani Cuisine

July 15, 2020

Although India and Pakistan share a border with one another, they both have their own rich history and culture that can be interpreted through their food. After all, there is a lot of emphasis on flavour, spices and cooking techniques that can differ in each region as well as each country. Here at Royal Nawaab, we want our readers to understand the different ways that Indian and Pakistani dishes are made which is why we’ve decided to go over some of the reasons why these cuisines may differ from one another. Read on to find out more…


The diet of the Indian subcontinent was developed as early as 6,200 BCE and is made up of lentils, wheat flour, rice and a grain known as pearl millet. Since Indian cuisine focuses on the use of vegetables, the dishes that are made there are said to be more diverse and varied. On the other hand, Pakistani cuisine tends to view vegetables as a side dish which is why there are very few lentil-based dishes that originate from the country.


Emphasising the point above, vegetables tend to make up the bulk of many Indian diets. In fact, vegetarianism is popular in the country because of the Hindu and Sikh faith, however cultural changes have seen the addition of meat in the diet over recent years and some Hindu’s will eat fish, chicken or mutton. With this said, beef is not commonly eaten because cows are seen as a Holy animal. Contrastingly, meat is the main attraction in most Pakistani dishes and will often include beef, lamb and poultry; these dishes are often cooked in sauces and paired with rice and vegetables.


It is important to remember that both India and Pakistan are vast countries and this means that the cooking styles and spices that are used can differ from region to region within each country. With this said, Indian cuisine has a rich and intricate spice palette that is noticeably different from Pakistani cuisine as more spices, such as cumin and curry leaves, tend to be used whereas Pakistani dishes tend to have a simpler spice array.

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