The Lowdown on Pakistani Street Food

September 30, 2019

Every single country has a different approach to the cuisine that they are famous for and Pakistan is no different. After all, street food is a very popular delicacy with both locals and tourists and is certainly hard to miss due to its signature location. In fact, it is possible to walk past dozens of different street foods vendors on just one single street in Pakistan. Here at Royal Nawaab, we recognise the cultural significance that street food plays in Pakistani cuisine and in this blog, we’ve decided to go over everything there is to know about it. Read on to find out more…

What is street food?

In layman’s terms, street food is the name given to a dish that is prepared and served in the great outdoors on busy street. It is typically consumed immediately after purchase because the food is fresh and is an interesting approach because buyers can watch their food being cooked from start to finish before they hand over their money.

Why is street food so popular?

Although street food can be found all over the world, it has a very important cultural presence in Asian countries like China and Pakistan. After all, it increases the rate of employment in a local area because people do not have to rely on traditional jobs and are able to work for themselves on their own time. In addition to this, street food brings communities together and the allows people to bond over a shared interest of culturally significant dishes. Whilst it also brings tourism into the local area, street food in Pakistan is undeniably popular with busy workers who do not have time to make their own meals as it is fast yet affordable.

Which street food dishes can be found in Pakistan?

Since it is common to find street food vendors on almost every street corner within Pakistan, particularly in urban areas, there are a variety of different authentic dishes that can be purchased. In fact, Shawarma is one of the most popular options because the flavour can vary from vendor to vendor depending on the spices that have been incorporated. In addition to this, Pakora, a spicy fried snack, can be made using just two main vegetable ingredients and is often popular with tourists.

Authentic dishes and well-balanced flavours are a very important tool in every area of Pakistani cuisine, whether the food is made on the street or in a fancy five-star restaurant. After all, it takes a lot of skill, experience and patience to craft some of the meals that can be purchased from one of the infamous street food hot spots of Pakistan. Here at Royal Nawaab, we take this dedication and put it into every dish we serve in order to provide our diners with an authentic experience at the best halal restaurant Manchester has to offer. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!