The Most Popular Nuts Used In Indian Cooking

October 18, 2018

Most people already have a clearly defined relationship with the nut: they either love them, or absolutely hate them. In more extreme cases, some people are actually allergic to them.

For those that love them, however, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re just a few days away from celebrating National Nut Day here in the UK. That’s right- the 22nd October is all about enjoying your favourite nuts, whether you eat them as a small snack or decide to use them in your cooking.

Nuts play a big part in some of the most popular Indian dishes, and sometimes you just can’t beat a wonderfully nutty curry on a quiet Saturday night. So, which nuts are used in Indian cooking? Royal Nawaab have picked out some of the more common ones…

Cashew Nuts

Although you might usually eat a few cashew nuts as a tasty snack, these low-fat nuts are actually really common in Indian cuisine. For instance, they play a major role in the creation of the UK’s favourite curry- the chicken korma- and are used for garnishing all kinds of other delicious curries.

The best thing about the cashew nut isn’t even its fantastic taste, because it’s also good for our health. Good for the heart and capable of lowering cholesterol, cashew nuts are packed with important acids and vitamins.


Yes, yes, we know the peanut isn’t actually a nut (it’s a legume), but for the purpose of this article we just couldn’t leave it out.

Perhaps most commonly associated with chicken satay dishes, the peanut can also be found in all kinds of other delicious Indian dishes. Rich in protein, vitamin E and potassium, peanuts always provide a rich, distinctive flavour, as well as providing us with all kinds of great health benefits.


Providing even greater levels of vitamin E, however, is the almond. Used to add greater texture and depth to a wide range of Indian dishes, almonds can be frequently found in tasty biryanis and mouth-watering kormas. A fantastic source of magnesium and potassium, almonds are always packed with important nutrients, while also adding a light, delicate touch of flavour.

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