The Spices of Pakistan

August 8, 2017

Every single type of cuisine in the world has their own way of making signature dishes. For example, Mexican dishes are filled with spice, English dishes focus on simplicity whilst the Chinese opt for succulent flavours. The Pakistani are no different to this rule! Here at the Royal Nawaab, we’re going to tell you why Pakistani cuisine is so famous for being rich, spicy and tasty by going over some of the most important spices in the kitchen…

Kalonji (Nigella Seed)

This type of spice can be used in three different forms as far as culinary practices are concerned. Whether it is used in roasted, powdered or whole form, these seeds are primarily used in order to add flavour to curries, vegetables or pulses. They are also very beneficial for the digestive system and are known to help stomach discomfort and spasms.

Anardana (Pomegranate Seeds)

One may think that adding these seeds to a dish would turn it sweet however when it is used in the right amount, dried pomegranate seeds can add a very rich flavour to chutneys. On the other hand, ground Anardana adds very deep flavour to certain dishes.

Amchoor (Dried Mango Powder)

Mango that is unripe and/or sour is implemented within dishes in south Asia and this type of culinary practice within Pakistani is no exception. Using this helps to spice up a curry and add an extra tangy flavour to the overall dish.

Kebab Cheeni (Allspice)

This combines the flavour of many different spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. It is primarily used in order to add spice to non-vegetarian dishes. Many use it in order to bring together different spices in order to create a whole new flavour.

Kokum (Garcinia Indica)

Originating from the outer part of the dried Garcinia Indica plant, this spice has a very peculiar flavour. It comes with a bright red or blackish red colour and is very helpful at aiding digestion.

It is very interesting to understand why different cultures flavour their food in such different ways and it is often to find these reasons stem from years and years’ worth of passed down family recipes and traditions that have become common knowledge within the cuisine. If you’re looking for authentic Pakistani food this summer, head down to Royal Nawaab and check out our 5* service and satisfying Pakistani cuisine! After all, we are the best Pakistani restaurant London has to offer!